Gift Card for a Backpack Bed


Give them a Backpack Bed gift card

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NEW – Don’t know what to give? No time to go shopping?Tax deductible

Give a gift that saves lives

INCLUDED in your $96 tax deductible donation:

  •  Attractive full colour Gift Card 360gsm (fits into DL size envelope)
  •  Postage to you anywhere across Australia
  •  Additional envelope so you can deliver it to your loved one or client
  •  You add your own message inside

Backpack Bed for Homeless won the prestigious 2011 Australian Human Rights Award.

Upon payment received – ships usually within 24 hours – buy now!

Thanks to public donations – in the last 12 months – 4500+ Backpack Beds were distributed to street sleeping homeless around Australia. 

This year 40,878 Australians will sleep on the street.

The Backpack Bed is study proven emergency relief for the most needy of needy. Charities are screaming for our help. Up to 80% of homeless are turned away from some shelters every night. Imagine if you were turned away.

How many Backpack Beds Gift Cards to help homeless can you buy? Perfect for Christmas, birthdays, weddings or any celebration.

Tax deduction in Australia only.