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Thank you for considering making a donation or grant to Backpack Bed for Homeless.

Backpack Bed for Homeless is a national homeless charity.

We help street sleeping homeless people - providing Backpack Beds to save lives.

Registered 501(c)3 charity.

Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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Tony Clark

Message from our Founder

Backpack Beds SAVE LIVES.

"In 2007 I wondered why homeless people (who don't have shelter and are sleeping on our streets) were not given bedding to keep them alive.

This led to my wife Lisa and I designing the Backpack Bed and starting the charity Backpack Bed for Homeless in Australia. The Backpack Bed program has since been used in 8 countries and saved thousands of lives.

In 2017 Backpack Bed for Homeless Inc. was founded to help homeless across the USA.

The Backpack Bed is an emergency bed - it looks like a backpack, weighs only 6.6lbs and rolls out into an all-weather protected bed with mattress. The Backpack Bed has been study proven to improve dignity, sleep, health, warmth, comfort and safety. It has been awarded 7 International product Design awards.

People like you can make a difference by donating to help fund more Backpack Beds for our friends on the street for people who need your help tonight."

Tony Clark
Founder & Chairman, Backpack Bed for Homeless Inc.

Our Program


We partner with homeless agencies to reach homeless people without shelter and save lives.

We partner with Homeless Agencies such as:

    • Street Outreach
    • Drop in Centres
    • Street Doctors and nurses
    • Emergency / crisis accomodation (when they are full turning people away)
    • Other homeless Agencies

The demand for our emergency relief Backpack Beds and Fire Retardant Sleeping Bags outweighs our fundraising each year.

Your Foundation, Family Trust or Giving Fund can make a difference today.

Backpack Bed

$110 / homeless person

All Weather Backpack Bed front-min

A lightweight backpack that rolls out into an all-weather protected bed with a mattress.

Study Proven to improve dignity, sleep, health, self-esteem, warmth and comfort.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Align your Foundations goals with your donations.
Backpack Bed for Homeless is a signatory to the UN Global Compact.


The charity follows the 10 principles in the areas of: Human Rights Labour, Environment, and Anti-corruption.
Backpack Bed for Homeless are also working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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