Give the gift of HOPE this Christmas

Don't know what to give? No time to go shopping? Tax deductible

Get into the spirit of Christmas and your donation is Tax deductible

Give a gift that saves lives

Our Backpack Bed shelter is a study proven emergency relief program for the most needy of needy. The Backpack Bed is study proven emergency relief for the most needy of needy.

The number of homeless people sleeping on our streets in America has exploded.

  • 552,830 Americans are homeless and needlessly suffering tonight.
  • 194,467 people will sleep on American streets TONIGHT.
  • 18% are chronically homeless.
  • 7% are unaccompanied youth under 25.
  • 7% are veterans.

(Source: Jan 2018 HUD)


Why gift a donation this Christmas - teach your kids the meaning of giving

"This year I am donating a gift card to each of my grandkids. I want to teach them why it's important to think of others - and that Christmas is not just about receiving presents."
Jennifer, grandmother 

Parents and grandparents can show their family that together they can make a difference to the community and Americans sleeping on our streets. The information on the back of our gift card helps you explain to your family the true meaning of Christmas. It is the perfect gift to put under your Christmas tree this year.


Why it's needed

For every gift card you purchase, the money goes to help fund a Backpack Bed shelter for one desperate homeless person who needs your help now.


Gift Card for a Backpack Bed


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