What Can $1 Million Dollars Acheive?

Dignity is a human right

How a $1 Million dollar donation creates $22M in community savings
+ saves almost 7,000 Aussies sleeping on our streets. A must read.

Lady Green Backpack Bed cropped

Today, with no government funding donors help Backpack Bed for Homeless give a study proven Backpack Bed or a Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag to a homeless person without shelter every two hours.

Tragically however, the need is every 11 minutes.  Hence 10,000’s of Aussies sleeping on our streets tonight simply miss out with no other solution but to sleep rough wherever they can outside.

What do you mean miss out - the need is every 11 minutes?

The absolute latest 2021 government figures explain that 45,800 Aussies will sleep on our streets during the year*.

Forget all the other definitions and categories of homeless which are 10,000’s more. This nightmare is about the 45,800 who will have no choice but to sleep outside because there is no shelter available.

To stop this human tragedy across Australia it is simple numbers.

If we can make more Backpack Beds and Fire Retardant Sleeping Bags we can help more homeless without shelter. Simple.

Backpack Bed $110 + Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag $35 = $145

$145 = one grateful Aussie sleeping on our street.

45,800 Aussies sleeping on our streets = $6,641,000

Backpack Beds (swags) SAVE LIVES

Backpack Bed for Homeless partners with homeless services across Australia to distribute our study proven Backpack Beds and Fire Retardant Sleeping Bags to street sleeping homeless without shelter.

Backpack Bed - lightweight

Lightweight 3KG

Street tough material

Backpack Bed - full body protection

Full Body Protection

4 season summer & winter

Backpack Bed - fire retardant

Fire Retardant

Fabric + Mattress 190cm x 55cm

Backpack Bed - wind & rain protection

Water & Wind Proof

Protects against winter chills


Full Body Mosquito Net

Stop bites on hot summer nights


Ergonomic Backpack

Adjustable shoulder & chest straps


Storage Pockets

4 pockets - store over 20kg


Secret lockable pocket

With brass key lock

How does every Aussie on our street get this donation?

Backpack Bed for Homeless partners with 800+ homeless agencies across Australia who are experienced in distributing Backpack Beds and our fire retardant sleeping bags to homeless on our streets.  They just need more­­­.

Did you know a University study** showed that every Backpack Bed distributed saves the community $3,319+ in community health, justice costs and more?

$1 million dollar donation = helps 6,896 homeless without shelter with a Backpack Bed & Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag @ $145 each.

6,896 x $3,319 = $22,887,824 of Social Return on Investment to the Australian community.

Whoever did that would be a national hero for humanity.  A hero who would be flooded with tears from Aussies suffering on our streets.

So who saves homeless Aussies more?
A single $1m donation or many donations

Who cares. Paramedics are continually picking up dead hypothermic homeless bodies off our streets across Australia.

A wise man once said it’s not about equal giving … rather it’s about equal sacrifice.

For the love of all things great and holy and more – please donate big.


* ABS 2021

** 180 Degrees consulting 2018

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