Students saving homeless lives #RYEImpact

Rotary Youth Exchange – Part of the Team

Rotary Youth Exchange provides thousands of young people worldwide with an opportunity to experience the cultures and accomplishments of people in other countries. The ambassadorial nature of the exchange promotes world understanding and peace.

Rotary Youth Exchange students are making an IMPACT by fundraising to give homeless a Backpack Bed.

Backpack Bed for Homeless was founded by a former Rotary Youth Exchange student, Tony Clark, who travelled to Finland in 1992:

Being a Rotary Exchange student was the best year of my life. It helped develop many of the life skills necessary to start this charity. Thank you to my fellow Rotary Youth Exchange students working with Backpack Bed for Homeless to save homeless lives.”
- Tony Clark, CEO & Founder


Student IMPACT.
Did you know people are sleeping on the streets in Australia tonight?
You can help them survive – the cold, the wet, the loneliness.

Tell others

This helps us spread the word about the homeless situation, the Backpack Bed and how it helps street sleeping homeless people.

  • Give a presentation to your school or Host Rotary Club. Inspire them to get behind you.
  • Tell us what you are doing on our Facebook page facebook.com/BackpackBedForHomelessAustralia
  • Make a video. Write a blog. Send photos.
  • Hashtag your impact #RYEImpact #BackpackBed


Fundraise to directly help the homeless people in your local community. Ask you Host Club dollar match your contribution.

  • BBQ at your local sports club
  • Casual dress day at school
  • Movie Night

Get started and make your #RYEImpact TODAY.
Be in the running for our Australia Day Hero Award.

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