awareness for homeless human rights

Ten  The Project - Evening News  Australia  2019
WIN News  Evening News  Australia  May 2018
Ten  Evening News, Brisbane  Australia  June 2015
WSMV  Evening News, Nashville  USA  November 2014
Nine  Today Show, Hogs for Homeless – National  Australia  February 2014
CBS News  Evening News – Nashville  USA  November 2013
The Australian  National Newspaper – online content  Australia  November 2013
ABC  Evening News – Baltimore  USA  May 2013
NBC  Evening News – Chicago  USA  May 2013
Documentary  Chicago Streets  USA  May 2013
Documentary  Finalist GE Focus Forward, short films big ideas  Australia / USA  2013
Seven  Today Tonight, Current Affairs – National  Australia  November 2012
Ten  Evening News Exclusive – Melbourne  Australia  October 2012
Ten  The Project, Julia Morris Celebrity – National  Australia  July 2012
Ten  Community Service Announcement  Australia  2012
ONENews  Evening News – Auckland  New Zealand  July 2012
Ten  Winter Community Service Announcement  Australia  2012
Documentary  Vodafone Foundation, World of Difference Program  Australia  2012
Ten  The Circle, Morning Program – National  Australia  June 2012
Ten  Mothers Day Community Service Announcement  Australia  May 2013
Ten  Christmas Community Service Announcement  Australia  December 2011
Documentary   Australian Human Rights Commission  Australia  December 2011
Dusseldorf Aktuel  Evening News – Dusseldorf  Germany  July 2011
Lokalzeit aus Dusseldorf  Evening News – Dusseldorf  Germany  July 2011
SBS  Evening News – National  Australia  February 2011
China  Evening News  China  October 2009


 LaptrinhX Magazine  Online Publication  International March


 Yahoo News    Online publication  International August
 Decrypt Magazine   Online publication  International August
 WIN News Tasmania   Local Television  Australia April


 The News Local Newspaper  Australia August
Herald Sun Local Newspaper  Australia  August
Liverpool City Council   Press Release  Australia  June


 Bayside News Local Newspaper  Australia  June
 The West Australian Local Newspaper  Australia  June
 The Advocate Local Newspaper  Australia  May
 Murray Pioneer Local Newspaper  Australia  April
 Brisbane Times Daily Newspaper  Australia  March
 Monash Leader Local Newspaper  Australia  March
 The Courier Local Newspaper  Australia  March
 Gympie Times Local Newspaper  Australia  March


 Northern Star Local Newspaper  Australia  October
 Courier Mail Newspaper  Australia  September
 The Chronicle Local Newspaper  Australia  September
 Daily Telegraph Newspaper  Australia  June
 Shepparton News Local Newspaper  Australia  May
 Lifehacker Australia Online Publication  Australia  May
 South Burnett Times Local Newspaper  Australia  February


 The Courier Local Newspaper  Australia  October
 Canberra Times Newspaper  Australia  August
 Penrith City Gazette Local Newspaper  Australia  August
 Daily Dot Online Publication  Australia  May
 Port Macquarie News Local Newspaper  Australia  April
 Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper  Australia  January


 The Ararat Advertiser Local Newspaper  Australia  December
4x4 Australia Magazine  Australia  September
 The Miner Online Newspaper  Australia  August
 The Age Daily Newspaper  Australia  July
 Brisbane Times Daily Newspaper  Australia  July
 St Marys-Mt Druitt Star Local Newspaper  Australia  July
 Dandenong Leader Weekly Local Newspaper  Australia  July
 Geelong Advertiser Daily Newspaper  Australia  July
 Redland City Bulletin Weekly Local Newspaper  Australia  June
 Westender Online Local News  Australia  June
 Community News Perth Online Local News  Australia  June
 Sunshine Coast Daily Daily Newspaper  Australia  June
 4GB Radio Brisbane Afternoon Program  Australia  June
 2GB Radio Sydney Ben Fordham Drive Program  Australia  May
 Vision Radio National Radio Station  Australia  May
 Sunshine Coast Daily Daily Newspaper  Australia  May
 Community News Mandurah Online News  Australia  May
 Sydney Morning Herald Sydney Daily Newspaper  Australia  April
 Mamma Mia Online Newspaper  Australia  April
 Redland City Bulletin Weekly Local Newspaper  Australia  April


 ABC News 5 TV / Online  USA  December
 The Tennessean Daily Newspaper  USA  December
 BBC Online Newspaper  UK  December
 Don’t Panic Online Magazine  UK  December
 Redland City Bulletin Weekly Newspaper  Australia  November
 Westpac Community Leaders Awards Press Release  Australia  November
 Northern Star Weekly Newspaper  Australia  October
 Busselton Mail Weekly Newspaper  Australia  October
 Positioned for Purpose Magazine  Australia  August
 Bunbury Mail Weekly Newspaper  Australia  August
 The West Australian Weekly Newspaper  Australia  August
 The Catholic Times National Weekly Newspaper  Australia  June
 Dandenong Leader Melbourne Weekly Newspaper  Australia  June
 Dandenong Journal Melbourne Weekly Newspaper  Australia  May
 Daily Mercury Mackay Weekly Newspaper  Australia  April
 Rosies Online publication  Australia  April
 the Go tribe Online publication  Australia  March
 Cairns Post Carins weekly Newspaper  Australia  February
 Operation Nightwatch Portland, Oregon  USA  January


 Las Vegas Sun  Las Vegas Daily Newspaper  USA December
 Federation Story  Federation Square, Melbourne  Australia December
 Bettery Magazine  Online publication  Germany December
 Solved  Online Australia December
 The Australian  National Newspaper Australia November
 Fast Company  Business Magazine  USA  November
 The Weekend Australian  National Newspaper Liftout  Australia  November
 Gympie Times  Weekly Newspaper  Australia  October
 Cornish Christmas Giving  Cornwall  UK  October
 The Weekly Review  Weekly Melbourne Newspaper  Australia  September
 Australia Post Business Lounge  Business Magazine  Australia  September
 Byron Shire News  Weekly local Newspaper  Australia  September
 The Northern Star  Weekly local Newspaper  Australia  September
 Byron Shire News  Weekly local Newspaper  Australia  September
 MX Newspaper  Daily Melbourne Newspaper  Australia  August
 The Reporter  Midland Weekly Newspaper  Australia  August
 Herald Sun  Daily Melbourne Newspaper  Australia  August
 Coast Community News  Weekly local Newspaper  Australia  July
 The Rotarian  International Rotary Magazine  USA  June
 88.7 Radio FM  New Jersey Radio  USA  May
 WBAL 1090AM  Baltimore Radio News  USA  May
 Vocalo 90.55FM  Chicago Radio Morning Program  USA  May
 StreetWise Magazine  Chicago Homeless street paper  USA  May
 Progress Illinois  Chicago Newspaper  USA  May
 DNAinfo Chicago  Chicago Newspaper  USA  April
 Sun-Times  Chicago Daily Newspaper  USA  April
 Liverpool City Champion  Sydney Weekly Newspaper  Australia  April
 Wall Street Journal  US Daily Newspaper  USA  April
 Startup Smart  Monthly Magazine  Australia  March
 Lions Magazine  Monthly Magazine  Australia  March
 Manning River Times  Sydney Weekly Newspaper  Australia  March
 Dandenong Leader  Melbourne Weekly Newspaper  Australia  March
 Rangers Trader Mail  Melbourne Weekly Newspaper  Australia  March
 Huffington Post  Online Newspaper  USA  February
 INDEX  International Awards  Denmark  February
 Armidale Express  Sydney Weekly Newspaper  Australia  February
 Northside Chronicle  Canberra Weekly Newspaper  Australia  February


 Courier Mail National Daily Newspaper  Australia  December
 Bankstown Express  Weekly Newspaper  Australia  December
 The Weekend Australian Magazine Daily Newspaper liftout  Australia  December
 Dandenong Star News Melbourne Weekly Newspaper  Australia  December
 Fraser Coast Chronicle Weekly Newspaper  Australia  November
 Fraser Coast Chronicle Weekly Newspaper  Australia  November
 Geelong Advertiser  Weekly Newspaper  Australia  October
 Knox Weekly Melbourne Weekly Newspaper  Australia  September
 Knox Weekly Melbourne Weekly Newspaper  Australia  September
 Knox Leader Melbourne Weekly Newspaper  Australia  September
 LES Global News  International Newsletter  USA  September
 Access Housing  Website publication  Australia  September
 Daily Telegraph  Daily Newspaper  Australia  August
 The Villager Weekly Magazine Mosman Sydney  Australia  July
 Dandenong Leader  Weekly Newspaper  Australia  July
 3CR Radio  Melbourne FM station  Australia  June
 The Villager  Weekly Magazine Mosman Sydney  Australia  May
 Bayswater Buzz  Monthly Newspaper  Australia  March
 Knox Leader  Melbourne Weekly Newspaper  Australia  January
 Knox Leader  Melbourne Weekly Newspaper  Australia  January
 ABC Radio  Victoria Radio  Australia  January


Knox Business Life Council Business Publication Australia  November
Griffith Hack Online Publication USA  September
Discovery Channel Online News USA  September
Inhabitat Online News USA  September
Freie Presse Newspaper Germany  August
Westfalische Rundschau Newspaper Germany  August
Design Buzz Online publication USA  August
Gizmodo Online publication USA  August
VECCI Business Excellence Business Magazine Australia  July
Rheinische Post Newspaper Germany  July
Westdeutsche Zeitung Newspaper Germany  July
Australian Financial Review Australia Australia  July
BRW Weekly Magazine Australia  July
Yanko Designs Online publication USA  July
The Age Melbourne Daily Newspaper Australia  June
Herald Sun Melbourne Daily Newspaper Australia  June
Debtwatch Online publication Australia  June
cbsnews.com Online publication Australia  June
Letter to Canberra Online publication Australia  June
Dandenong Leader Daily Newspaper Australia  June
Sydney Morning Herald Daily Newspaper Australia  June
ProBono Australia Daily Newspaper Australia  February


 The Advertiser  Weekly Newspaper  Australia  December
 Hills News  Weekly Newspaper  Australia  December
 ProBono Australia  Online Publication  Australia  November
 Dandenong Leader  Weekly Newspaper  Australia  November
 Perth Local News  Weekly Newspaper  Australia  November
 Parramatta Advertiser  Weekly Newspaper  Australia  October
 Monash Journal  Weekly Newspaper  Australia  August
 Knox Journal  Weekly Newspaper  Australia  August
 DPS News  Online publication  Australia  March
 Mordialloc Leader  Weekly Newspaper  Australia  February
 Daily telegraph  Weekly Newspaper  Australia  February
 Tasmanian Times  Online Publication  Australia  February


 ProBono Australia Philanthropy Publication  Australia  December
 The Age Melbourne Daily Newspaper  Australia  December
 Knox Leader Weekly Newspaper  Australia  December
 Melbourne Times Weekly Newspaper  Australia  December
 Knox Leader Weekly Newspaper  Australia  December
 Knox Leader Weekly Newspaper  Australia  December
Australian Human Rights Award Community Organisation Award  Australia  2011
Red Dot “Best of the Best” (first Australians since 1955)  Germany  2011
Australian International Design Award Gold, Good Design Australia  Australia  2011
Powerhouse Design Award Winner, design selection  Australia  2011
Melbourne Design Award Winner, Sport & Leisure, Design 100  Australia  2012
IDEA Finalist, Social Impact Design  USA  2012
Edison Award Silver, Social Impact  USA  2012
Premier’s Design Awards Finalist  Australia  2013
The Australian Innovation Challenge Winner, Community Services  Australia  2013
Professor Ian Frazer Humanitarian Award Lions Medical Research Foundation  Australia  2013
A’Design Awards Silver, Social Impact Design  Italy  2014
IDEA Finalist, Social Impact Design  USA  2014
Westpac Community Leaders Awards Winner, Social Entrepreneur  Australia  2014
Good Design Awards Good Design Selection, Social Innovation  Australia  2015
 Red Dot Museum Essen Germany acquired 2011
 Powerhouse Museum Sydney Australia acquired 2011
 Centre Natinal des Arts Plastique Paris France acquired 2012
 Mood Museum of Design Como Italy acquired 2014
 2015 Yearbook Good Design Awards  Australia  May 2015
 A’Design Awards Yearbook  Italy  August 2014
 Innovation International Design Excellence Awards  USA  Fall 2012
 Centre for Creativity and Innovation Chengchi University  Korea  June 2012
 Doing Red Dot, Awards Yearbook  Germany  July 2011
 Design Diary Red Dot, Featuring “Best of the Best” Winners  Germany  July 2011
 Good Design Australia Yearbook Australian International Design Awards  Australia 2011
 Design Korea – World Best Design Australia Design Korea  Korea 2011



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