Where are Australian Homeless?

Dignity is a human right

122,494 Australians are homeless and needlessly suffering tonight.
Where do homeless in Australia live?

45,800 people will sleep rough on our streets across Australia this year (ABS 2021).

Fact. There are not enough shelters and governments ignore the basic human right dignity.

In 2022-23 over 108,000 requests for accommodation from homeless people across Australia could not be met (AIHW 2023).

Women aged over 55 are the fastest-growing group of homeless Australians (ABS 2011 vs ABS 2016).

Australian Homeless - Interactive Map

State by State - Inhuamne Australian Homeless Statistics

122,494 Aussies are homeless everyday (ABS 2021).

Western Australia (WA) is the highest number of people in improvised dwellings, tents, or sleeping out (23.8%) (ABS 2021).

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) had the highest proportion of people in homeless accommodations (48.5%) (ABS 2021).

Tasmania had the highest proportion of people staying temporarily with other households (25.0%) (ABS 2021)

Victoria had the highest proportion of people living in boarding houses (28.0%) (ABS 2021)

Northern Territory (NT) had the highest proportion of people living in 'severely' crowded dwellings (75.6%). (ABS 2011 vs ABS 2016).

What Homeless Australians Have To Do To Survive On The Street

Facts About Homelessness In Australia

Life is unpredictable and filled with circumstances beyond our control. Those without strong support systems or facing financial, emotional, or physical strain are most vulnerable to becoming homeless. Every night, thousands of Australians risk their lives by sleeping on the street - a Death Zone. No one thinks they will end up homeless, and it can be traumatic when it does happen.


What Causes Homelessness In Australia

Family violence

Mental health issues

Physical health issue e.g. accident at work and bills mount up

Loss of employment, under-employment or inability to gain a new job

Limited housing / rental stress

Drug and alcohol addiction (an RMIT University study showed that 50% of homeless with adiction problems got them AFTER being homeless)

Traumatic Experiences

One or a combination of these factors can lead to someone becoming homeless. Sometimes homelessness can occur due to someone moving to a new area and losing their job, and not having any support to help. Other times it can be something as simple as not being able to afford housing.

Homelessness can affect anyone at any time. The tiniest life change can cause someone to lose everything they have in a blink of an eye. It's a terrible place for anyone to be in as you will never know what will happen to you on the streets.

Whatever the reason - Australians sleeping on our streets need immediate shelter to survive.

Homelessness Can Happen To Anyone

Listen To A Fellow Aussie Talk About Being Homeless

What Can You Do To Help With The Housing Crisis?

Backpack Beds (swags) SAVE LIVES

Backpack Bed for Homeless partners with homeless services across Australia to distribute our study proven Backpack Beds to street sleeping homeless without shelter.

We are not government funded and rely on the support of everyday Australians to help give back safety to people living on the streets. Your donation can help someone survive a night on the streets by protecting them from the harsh weather climates that can happen at night.

How The Homeless Backpack Bed (Swag) Works

Backpack Bed - lightweight

Lightweight 3KG

Street tough material

Backpack Bed - full body protection

Full Body Protection

4 season summer & winter

Backpack Bed - fire retardant

Fire Retardant

Fabric + Mattress 190cm x 55cm

Backpack Bed - wind & rain protection

Water & Wind Proof

Protects against winter chills


Full Body Mosquito Net

Stop bites on hot summer nights


Ergonomic Backpack

Adjustable shoulder & chest straps


Storage Pockets

4 pockets - store over 20kg


Secret lockable pocket

With brass key lock

You can make a difference to someones life today

How your donated Backpack Bed makes a difference

Backpack Bed for Homeless thank you postcard
Thank you notes from homeless Backpack Bed recipients

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