Your legacy can give dignity to those most in need

Your Bequest to HELP Homeless


Making a Will - your Legacy

Making a Will is an important thing to do. A Will gives you the opportunity to safeguard what is important to you, add to your lasting legacy and how you want your assets to be managed. Including a gift to your favourite charity is one way to continue your support.

Example Bequest Wording

You may find the following words helpful for inclusion in your Will. However, it is important to see your legal advisor before you do so.
For your gift to Backpack Bed for Homeless we recommend the following wording for your legal adviser's consideration:
"I GIVE, FREE OF ALL DUTIES AND TAXES (choose one of the below options)
  • the whole of my estate,    or
  • ______% of my estate,    or
  • the residue of my estate,   or
  • ___% of the residue of my estate,    or
  • the sum of $ _______,    or
  • my units/shares in ____Trust/Ltd,    or
  • my real property situated at [insert street address] having the title reference _________,
to Swags for Homeless Ltd trading as Backpack Bed for Homeless,
ABN 93 128 411 012
PO Box 1211 Cleveland QLD 4163
The receipt of the treasurer, secretary or public officer for the time being of is an absolute discharge to my executor."

Getting advice

If you need help making your Will, it is best to get legal advice or speak to the Public Trustee in your state or territory.

The Government provides some information on Wills and Power of Attorney in their Smart Money website as well as a list of contact details for each state and territories’ Public Trustee.

In Memorium Fundraising

If you are considering fundraising in Memory of a loved one - we appreciate your support at this difficult time for you and your family.

You can quickly setup an online fundraising page in minutes to honour your loved one. Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

Human Rights Award Winners

Backpack Bed for Homeless was awarded the prestigious Human Rights Award for non-government or community organisations with a proven track record in promoting and advancing human rights in Australian Communities.

Financial Responsibility

Backpack Bed for Homeless is a nationally accredited charity in Australia. Our official Government registered details. Backpack Bed for Homeless is audited every year by an ASIC Government registered auditor.


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