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Need a fundraising idea?

A few ideas that might work at your school:

  •  Crazy Tie Day:  Have teachers wear the craziest, ugliest, zaniest tie to work and collect donations for the most outlandish tie. Maybe they could sell off their ties at the end to raise even more funds.
  • Guess How Many? How many jelly beans, M&M’s or whatever you want in a huge jar and collect a gold coin donation for each guess.
  • Wacky Dress Day: Crazy Hair dos, Pajama Day or just casual dress day. Collect a gold coin from everyone out of uniform.
  • Movie Night: Get permission to use the school hall. Charge admission and sell popcorn.
  • Sleepouts / Sleepovers / Backyard Camping: Get sponsored for giving up your bed for a night.
  • Teacher Baby Photo Competition: Have teachers bring a photo of themselves as a baby and then a current photo. Pin them up on boards and run a competition to see who can make the right connections. Collect a gold coin donation for each guess.
  • Teacher Pet Competition: Same as above but this time with their pets. See if you can match each teacher / staff member with their pets. Make sure the teachers name their pets as well. Great way to get to know something about your teachers.
  • Poetry Slam: Gold coin donation to enter, vote for best performer; offer certificates for those who come in 1st , 2nd and 3rd.
  • Organise to do chores for a donation: Walk your neighbours dog, wash their car, sweep their footpath.

A few ideas that might work at your workplace:

  • Dinners: Think of holding a theme dinner to make it more interesting.
  • Donation Boxes: In the lobby, on counters or in the lunch room.
  • Crazy Dress Day: Mad Hatter Day, Clashing Ties.
  • Cheese / Wine tasting event: Charge an entry fee and hold a judging by making it a gold coin donation to vote.
  • Corporate raffles.
  • Guess how many: Marbles in a jar or something relating to your business.
  • Offer customers to add a $2 donation to their bill for your fundraiser.
  • Offer a % of a service you provide such as massage, car service or hair cut.
  • Fine people for offences: Fine for not keeping their desk tidy or being late to a meeting.
  • Gift wrapping: Offer gift wrapping in your store for a donation.

A few ideas that might work at your community group or sporting club:

  • The classic BBQ / Sausage sizzle: Always a big hit.
  • Trivia night: Charge an entry fee and maybe allow buying clues for extra donations.
  • Board games night: Where everyone donates to enter.
  • Auctions / garage sales / flea markets: Ask for items that are no longer needed by others and think of fun ways to sell them.
  • Book Fair: As above but for books.
  • Trekking / Walking / Bike Riding / Climbing a mountain: Charge for individual or group entry and have everyone get sponsors.
  • Fancy Dress on scooters, skateboards, roller skates: Find a flat surface and hold a crazy rally like along a beachfront or local park.
  • Roller skating till you drop: Who can last the longest.
  • Dog Show: Dress up your pooches – pay to enter and gold coin to vote for your favourite.
  • Fetes / Fairs: Think of holding a theme event – sell food and charge for activities.
  • Movie night: Maybe run different age groups at same time so everyone can go.

A few ideas that you could try:

  • Bike a ride / hike / trek / climb a mountain.
  • Art exhibition: Are you artistic or know some people who are? Maybe hold an evening to showcase some of your work and charge a donation to enter.
  • Donate your tips for a week / month / day.
  • Instead of birthday/Christmas presents: Ask your family and friends to make a donation instead.
  • Fine your family for offences: Fine people for things like saying “um” or leaving mobile phones on at dinner.
  • Give up a regular activity, vice, pleasure for a month and get sponsored.
  • Petrol station: Coordinate with a petrol station and offer to fill up people’s cars and wash windscreens for a gold coin donation.
  • Host a pancake breakfast or hot potato lunch: Charge entry and tell everyone about our cause.
  • Host a street party in your neighbourhood: Have everyone bring a pot luck dinner and tell everyone about our cause and they can make a donation if they wish.
  • Garage sale / flea market: Have all your friends or yourself donate old items they no longer want and sell and donate proceeds.



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