Give a gift that saves lives

Don’t know what to give? No time to go shopping?

Help someone on the street sleep safe tonight. Tax deductible

With a Backpack Bed Gift Card – it’s easy to help homeless Aussies:

  1. You choose the type of Card
    • Emailed PDF card
    • Mailed physical card (21cm x 10cm) and an extra blank envelope.
      Ships usually within 24 hours.
  2. You write your message in the Card to let someone special know they have helped a person sleeping on the street.
  3. You gift the Card – perfect for Mother’s day, Christmas presents, Kris Kringle Secret Santa gift, Birthdays, Weddings or any Celebration.
  4. You get a tax deduction.
  5. A homeless person sleeping on our streets receives a Backpack Bed emergency bed - distributed to a homeless person via one of our 750+ Partner Homeless Agencies across Australia.

Gift Card for a Backpack Bed


How It Works

For every Backpack Bed gift card you purchase, the money goes straight to funding a Backpack Bed emergency bed for a desperate homeless Aussie who needs your help.

This year 45,800 Australians will sleep on the street*.

The Backpack Bed shelter is a study proven emergency relief for the most needy of needy. Charities are screaming for our help. Up to 80% of homeless are turned away from some shelters every night. Imagine if you were turned away.

The number of homeless people sleeping on our streets in Australia has exploded. Statistics show that for every 11 minutes, one homeless person in Australia needs a Backpack Bed. With your help, we can gradually meet this demand and provide shelter to the homeless population.

Each Backpack Bed Gift Card funds a study proven Backpack Bed for a homeless person without shelter. Did you know each Backpack Bed saves the community $3,319 in health and justice costs**.

Share It With a Loved One

Every Backpack Bed Gift Card brings HOPE.

When you write your celebratory message in a Backpack Bed Gift Card – your loved one or customer will know you care about them AND Aussies sleeping on our streets.

You have the power. Share the hope and chance to make every homeless person’s night better and safer. Imagine it was you on the street.

Homeless Australians are the most vulnerable people in the community – they need immediate help and not newspapers filled with politician’s rhetoric or policy failure.

People want to help. People ask how?

You can see the disaster and suffering on our streets.  With Backpack Bed Gift Cards, you can readily make your contribution as well as share the opportunity to help in an easier and faster way.

Spread the love and care for homeless sleeping rough on our streets. Give a Gift Card to family, friends, neighbours, customer or loved one.

A Simple Step with a Great Impact

It may not look like much at first, but every tax-deductible gift card matters. In fact, every single gift card you purchase makes a big difference. Every Backpack Bed will help someone on our streets, sleep safer and give them much needed dignity.

The Gift of Giving

Contribute to the nights of dignified sleep of the homeless population in Australia. With Backpack Bed Gift Cards, together we can help out people without shelter in more ways than we expect.
Thank you.

*ABS 2021
**180 Degrees consulting 2018

Make a difference TODAY.
Please purchase a dignity giving Backpack Bed Gift Card.


Gift Card for a Backpack Bed


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