Dignity is a human right

There is not enough shelter for Homeless Ausssies

48% of Aussies needing accomodation did not receive any in 2021 (AIHW).

Backpack Beds (swags) SAVE LIVES

Backpack Bed for Homeless partners with homeless services across Australia to distribute our study proven Backpack Beds and Fire Retardant Sleeping Bags to street sleeping homeless people without shelter.

Our program is not government funded and rely on the support of everyday Australians to help give back safety to people living on the streets.

Sadly due to lack of funds, we cannot provide Backpack Beds and Fire Retardant Sleeping Bags to everyone who needs them.

If you are Homeless

You can call your states homeless hotline - for referral to local services.

VICTORIA1800 825 95524 hrs, 7 days a week
NEW SOUTH WALES1800 152 15224 hrs, 7 days a week
QUEENSLAND1800 474 75324 hrs, 7 days a week
SOUTH AUSTRALIA1800 003 30824 hrs, 7 days a week
WESTERN AUSTRALIA1800 065 892after hours call 1800 199 008
ACT1800 176 468Mon - Fri 8am – 6pm
TASMANIA1800 800 58824 hrs, 7 days a week
NORTHERN TERRITORYhttps://www.shelterme.org.au24 hrs, 7 days a week

If you need a Backack Bed

You can ask your local homeless service for a Backpack Bed.

As our program receives no funding we cannot keep all our Partner Homeless Agencies stocked with Backpack Beds at all times.

You can also contact us to be referred to our nearest Partner Homeless Agency.

How The Homeless Backpack Bed (Swag) Works

Backpack Bed - lightweight

Lightweight 3KG

Street tough material

Backpack Bed - full body protection

Full Body Protection

4 season summer & winter

Backpack Bed - fire retardant

Fire Retardant

Fabric + Mattress 190cm x 55cm

Backpack Bed - wind & rain protection

Water & Wind Proof

Protects against winter chills


Full Body Mosquito Net

Stop bites on hot summer nights


Ergonomic Backpack

Adjustable shoulder & chest straps


Storage Pockets

4 pockets - store over 20kg


Secret lockable pocket

With brass key lock

Facts About Homelessness In Australia

45,800 people will sleep rough on the street across Australia this year (ABS 2021).

Fact. There are not enough shelters and governments ignore the basic human right to shelter and dignity.

5.2% increase in the number of homeless people across Australia (ABS 2021 vs ABS 2016).

1 in 208 Australians are currently homeless (ABS 2021).

37% of homeless people are aged under 25 years (ABS 2021).

In 2018 two homeless men were tragically run over and killed by garbage trucks - one while sleeping in a Brisbane City laneway and another while sleeping in Sydney. 

You can make a difference to someones life today

How your gift makes a difference

Backpack Bed for Homeless thank you postcard
Thank you notes from homeless Backpack Bed recipients
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